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Look, I'm a rock n roll guy.

I never fancied myself an activist. I didn't go to career day in high school and decide I was going to become a culture killer. All I ever wanted to do was wear cool clothes, have awesome friends, play rock n roll, make out with chicks, and eat.
I like the same shit today that I did when I was 6. Hot Classic cars, motorcycles, leather, rock, girls, attention, and cookies.
I wanted to be in a cool band, live in a cool city, dress in cool threads, and bust my ass until I "made it".
I was so damn sure I knew what that meant too.
I was sure that if my band made me a pile of money, and I was playing huge venues, then I would have "made it".
I would be a rockstar.

One day I took a good hard look at my life, and I saw that I had everything that I ever REALLY wanted.
And while I will never stop being a performer, I 'got' that I am already a rockstar.(thanks Dave).

So, what next? What do you do when you get smacked in the face with the reality that your  dreams have come true. And they did! I had just forgotten, that as a child I didn't care about riches, or sold out arenas.
Who did I want to be??
I wanted to be the exact man I've been for years.

So you follow thru on other dreams. You create new ones.
Something called to me...
Call it cause, a revolution, a war, a game, whatever...
Take a stand, start a movement, just because...
for Gods sake...  Just Be Cause.
BLITCH 66 is a channel for me to express myself.
Get it, wear it, get down with it.
This is where the end begins.