Honor Isn’t Easy…

It’s just simple.

You give your word, and you take responsibility for whether your promise is kept or not. You act in a manner consistent with the person you are at your best, and you treat others with dignity and respect. And there is a bit more to it, however while it may be elegant in its simplicity that doesn’t make living honorably an easy thing to do.

I happen to be rather experienced in making terrible choices, awful errors, and plain dumb mistakes. So many times I ran mouth about how difficult it was to know the right thing to do. I had a long conversation about cost/benefit analysis, more important matters and the greater good. The truth was that unless I was willing to do what needed to be done to restore my own integrity first, all of my chatter was usually bullshit.

I don’t talk about morals, ethics, or objective rights & wrongs much. None of that screaming and lecturing makes a damn bit of difference to people who aren’t even aware of honor.  We live in a time when you can pretty much do as you please as long as you can get enough agreement about it.

I have found incredible value in giving my word. I say who I will be, what I will do, and how I will live  – and I’m not very shy about who knows. And then I live my ass off.

I take responsibility, and invite good men and women to hold me accountable and my adventure has been worthy of a book. Just how much that book will be worth we shall see.

This isn’t very profound, nor earth shaking. It isn’t meant to be.

This is just an invitation for you to join me in giving your word to something and seeing it through. Go ahead and reach for something beyond your grasp, enter a race you can’t win, commit to something you don’t know how to be a success at. It’s a challenge to show up, again & again.

Almost everyday I go to school with men and women who have given their entire lives to something no one knows how to do until they do it. I see masterful works of art created by human hands that gave everything for a dream. I read books penned by those who would rather die in uncharted lands than live warm, safe, predictable lives at home.

It isn’t about genius, or exceptional talent. Keeping my word has been a skill I have crafted over many years. I didn’t have the guts to do half of the things I did until I stepped out in front of my own life and declared that something badass was about to go down.

None of this is easy. Just awesome.

And if you need to be lit up, dazzled and inspired before I send you off… shame on you.

Think for a minute what life might look like if you gave your word to things and then did them. If you walked into the unknown, from the unknown. What could your life look like if you had the power to inspire yourself with the very sounds that came out of your mouth?

That my friends is freedom.

And you can waste your time talking about freedom, or you can give your time, your heart, your life to creating it.

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