I Don’t Have A Lot Of Friends…

I have a dynamic and insanely large family – and most of them aren’t blood related.

As a kid I actually had very few friends, and all I wanted was a clique of guys and some cool chicks to hang out with, play cards, go see shows, and party in between.

You could never have convinced me in those years that my circle of friends would span the globe, and that most of them would become my family. I’m blessed to have people walk in as strangers, and stay as brothers. My 2 brothers are my best friends, and my best friends have become brothers, sisters, uncles, and a few would even adopt me if I asked.

People say they get married because they’re in love and want to start a family. I have no idea how that works. All I know is that I am surrounded by more love than I could ever ask for, and those that know me know they are more family to me than friends. My Dad told me as I was young to choose my friends carefully and watch who I call ‘friend’- for only a few people would deserve such an honor.  I love my father, and he is wise. However… I’m too reckless for that. I’d rather throw myself into the wind, waves, and dash upon the rocks of life. I’ve been wild, free, and willing to risk taking rides in life with strangers, and allowing those strangers to become people who matter. After a while I was willing to go even further, and allow strangers to matter whether they became friends or not.

My family are good people. Many were raised to be doctors and lawyers and marry doctors and lawyers. They are kind, loving and wonderful. And very, very safe.

I’m not. I’ve allowed friends to become family. I’ve jumped out of airplanes with them, screamed on stage with them, spent the night in jail with them, lived, loved, laughed, cried, wondered, and traveled. We’ve walked through the things together most people would rather run away from. And we’ve become a tribe. A team, a band, a club, a crew, a scene, a crowd, a fellowship, a group, an order, a parish, a people, and even a pain in the ass – if that ain’t family I don’t know what is.

I look out at my Life in awe. The kid I was would scream in happiness at the man that gets to live his Life.

He wanted friends…

He got the greatest, oddest, most diverse family on earth.

He’d know you read this.

And he’d say Thank You.

And I Love You.

Thank you for the pizza, for helping me move, for the ride home, for the 20 bucks (and then some.)

Thank you for the advice, and for staying out of it. Thank you for coming and knowing when to go. Thanks for making me laugh, and letting me down easy. Thank you for not always saying yes, and for that time we just couldn’t say no…

Thank you for showing up, smiling, and being here, there, and up on the roof. Thanks for the memories, and for being a part of my plans.

For all of the things you do that has us be more than friends, whether you thought I noticed or not, I did. And if you wondered if I love you for it –

I do.

You are the best family on earth.


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