For One Reason More Than All…

I didn’t understand Father’s Day as a kid. In fact, I didn’t understand the point of any holiday at all unless it was focused on me. My Christmas, my birthday, hell, even your birthday was cool because I was going to get cake.

Thanksgiving was good, because I got to see family that I adored, eat like a madman, and hear awesome  stories about my parents being children while pretending that it was true that my parents had lives before I existed.

You could say I was a rather self centered child, and I wouldn’t mind too much because at least you were talking about me.

My Dad is awesome for more reasons than I have words to share. He gave me my love of music, hot cars, hard work, and taught me to value integrity. We share a love of motorcycles, mountains, and while I’ll never understand why he likes cream soda and he’ll never get why I like KISS – we can drive for 2 days together ¬†and chat the whole time.

My Father showed up for every school play, and every court appearance. He let me believe whatever I needed to believe and never gave up on me, even when I did. He enjoyed keeping a low profile, and still never seemed to mind that I was “Blitch from MySpace”.

He gave me enough issues to be creative, but not so many that I became a psychopath. He has never fully understood me, and yet never stopped trying. The man gives me all of the space I need, and in his heart holds all of the love a kid could ask for. Wise, thoughtful, interesting, honest, humane, and supportive.

My Dad races cars, babysits his grandkids, loves cats, plays guitar, rides a Harley, served his country, brews his own beer, listens more than he talks, and still cuts his own lawn.

I wrote my first single about us, recorded it on his birthday, and when it finally makes me a pile of dough I’m taking him fishing. He’s going to cut the barb off of the hook so he can through the fish back without hurting it, and this time I’m going think that’s awesome.

I can give you reasons why I have the greatest father in the world all day, and they will never give you the experience of being raised by him. And today I get, that the greatest, most wonderful aspect of my Dad, the reason he is in fact the greatest father on earth – is simply because he is mine.

Beyond reasons, I have the honor of being his son.

Happy Fathers Day Dad


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