One More Year…

And I can count myself among those who finished university. It’s kind of strange going back to school when you are, well…- over 21. In some ways it helps. I’m much more disciplined than I was at 18, and I have honed my mind for philosophy in ways that I couldn’t have back then.  I also stopped caring about the kinds of things that tend to dominate the lives of younger students. Does my Professor like me? Do I like them? Should I join a fraternity? Is this a good party school? Can I get laid at this school? What am I going to do after I graduate? How on earth will I pay off these loans… etc

If you’ve been reading for a few years, or if you are the type to back read you know that years ago during a total bottom I declared that I was going back to school. I didn’t even have a good job at the time. All I knew was that I’d dreamed of finishing my degree since I dropped out of college and that come hell or high water I was going back to kick ass.

My list of dreams that came true reads like a work of fiction. I dreamed of living in New York. It was home for 11 years. I dreamed of acting on stage & screen. Off- Broadway theatre, a self written One Man Show, and an unforgettable spot on the History Channel were some highlights. I dreamed of having a rock band and being a part of a local scene. My last 5 years in NYC were about as rock n roll as it gets. I dreamed of living in a warehouse loft. Not only did I, but my band lived next door, and I made a handsome living renting out lofts for years.

I had motorcycles, lived in Japan, lived in LA, played every club on the Sunset Strip, recorded my own songs with my best friends, swam with dolphins, skydived with a genius, moved to Italy, prayed with monks, laughed with orphans, and road tripped with my younger brother without a single fight despite breaking down several times. I’ve had my own clothing line, the cover of a rock n roll newspaper, and got to wish my Grandmother a happy 100th birthday in person.

All dreams. Every single one of them. Every. Single. One.

Now I am closer than ever to another one.

Hard at work on a few of them in fact.

Whatever your dreams are, I promise you they are yours for a purpose. Serious action is the only thing that ever moves the unmovable.

A declaration is a serious act.  Follow it up with a plan, daily work, and goals that light a fire under your ass and you have the makings of another life.

Not happy with your life? Don’t wait on being rescued. Don’t wait for an invitation. Forget permission, and only take advice from people who win on a regular basis. Listen to those who know the thrill of making their own dreams come true and do as much of what they did as you can.

Never whine, complain, or bitch about your circumstances. That’s all a trap and we should have all had that ironed out of us when we were 7.

Thank you, every single one of you who have been supportive along the way. And the few of you who tried to control my walk the way ‘you wanted it done’ – now you know better.

Locomotive, unstoppable, excited, thrilled, grateful, fascinated, and ready to work. Always.

And yes… I had way, way, too much coffee today.



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