Actions Have Consequences…

While this has always been true, I didn’t quite get it for almost half of my life. Even when I did it took a while to to fully appreciate just how my actions connected to outcomes.

This doesn’t have to be bad news, although too many times in my life it has been. My point is that the Life you and I have is very much a product of the actions we have (and have not) taken up till now. Yes other forces are always at work, circumstances show up every day authored by other powers, and occasionally the wind just blows shit down.

Consequences are valuable to be aware of, and yet I’m not really in the damn mood to talk about them.

I’d rather talk about results.

Results are also given by action, and are very much tied to performance. Different theories decorate the landscape of this arena and many of them are incredible. For now I want to simply remind us all that how we take action, how we perform, and the results we are committed to getting are also tied to something else. How the World occurs to us. I’ve done a bit of research on this matter and the possibility that the occurring world plays a vital role in the way we engage with it has inspired me more than anything else.

There seems to be something underlying our accomplishments and our failures. A contextual factor that make an impact on our very ability to cause an impact, make a difference, or move anything that seems urgent. We know actions have results, and we know that certain actions will give us the results that we really desire.

And yet knowing that isn’t enough.

If it were we’d all be in great shape, rich, educated, and having the time of our lives. We’d be living the life we say we want, whatever that may be. Many of us feel that something is either in the way, or missing altogether.

I am suggesting that there is an action to take which will clarify the matter, and give us all some much needed power in respect to our own sense of ourselves and the adventure we are on. Furthermore it’s something that is somewhat hidden from view.

Instead of giving you the answer I have in mind I’m going to ask you to sit with that a while. Be with it for yourself and take a look at what comes up. Keep in mind that you are never stuck with the answer you get, and contemplating this idea could lead you to a breakthrough bigger than you expect.

I’d love to hear what you come up with.


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