Don’t Ask…

I find myself just as lost as some of the people who ask me for my insights, opinions, and views on many of the more important matters facing people these days.

From the economy to education, our country’s place on the world stage, the now almost famous Synod, or whether or not KISS should just retire and play golf.

When it comes to world affairs I don’t have a lot to say. I live in a nation (Italy for the newcomers) that doesn’t have a virgin’s chance in Hollywood of returning to power. Nor will it even get its head out of its ass long enough to just operate with simplicity. Yes, things back in America are expensive. Here it’s worse. We pay $10 a gallon for gas, just as much as you for rent, and the rubbing alcohol smells like some satanic flower that even demons would piss on. Food is cheaper (and better) and getting your shoes shined & repaired is far less expensive. Some things are still sacred in Rome.

I find myself at a loss just like you. Now and again I just want you to know, no kidding, that I am up against it too. I go to a fairly conservative university, where most of the students look like Disney & West Point had a kid and decided to raise it Catholic. (note- I stole that from my friend Kim.\m/ )   My professors are brilliant, kind, funny, and fascinating. The staff here are wonderful. Most of the students are fantastic.

And still…

I hear some sad and backwards ideas coming from my fellow students (some not all) and at times even from my Professors (but only a few). It can bum me out, confuse me, make me angry or just leave me wanting to run to the Jesuits. Oh sweet Gregorian, how I wish you taught in English.

Any Orthodox Heretic (stole that too, Hi Peter!) will tell you that you stand for the revolutionary idea and you get fired at. Don’t like that? Have a seat.

Well I’m not sitting out this round.

I don’t know what I wanted to talk about when I started this, but I know what I want to say now.

I asked for this. All of it. Every thing and every surprise. The predictable and the mystery. It’s all mine by right of declaration. I said what I wanted and I’m getting it. And if I don’t like it, shame on me. No one forced me to leave Los Angeles and be the weirdo in Rome. No one pushed me back into a church where I’m often seen as the freak. No one made me take up a career/vocation that breaks your heart time after time, watching addiction and misery take battles in a war that only Divine Love can win.

I’m not a victim. I’m a volunteer. And today I’m going pro.

And every single time I feel lost in a sea of No Agreement – it’s my job to find a compass and set sail.

I love my life, my school, my friends and even my opponents. Brains like mine don’t grow without resistance. So I’ll welcome it. And I’ll even listen.


In fact I’ll start now.



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