Erased From Existence…

Some asshole flagged me to Facebook, and my account has been blocked. There is odd feeling when you are removed from the one major platform online. It’s as if you don’t exist.

100 pix, and my main line of communication to the world outside of Italy – gone in a flash, because some prick thinks he/she knows how the internet should be run.

Fuck you.

I’m not alone. A lot of people have been locked out of Facebook for using a name other than the one that appears on their birth certificate. If that’s the way it is, fine. I’ll say good bye and party like it’s 1999.

Blitch 66/Sixsix is the only name I use in life, and that is what they want. They want the name you use in real life. Unless you are my Dad, or a judge, get over it.  I don’t need to show you shit.

In other news…

I went skiing a few days ago. 1st time in almost 20 years. It was awesome.

I’ve been studying my ass off for final exams, and it was the perfect end to a well needed holiday break. I spent the day with a good friend on a big freezing mountain trying to avoid Italians who like to stop in the middle of a hill and talk about God-knows-what.

A few tumbles, some bruises, and overall an amazing time. Abruzzo is beautiful.

Ok – back to studying Greek, and 6 other impossible classes.

Happy New Year – you are more beautiful than anyone has told you in a while… even if they did.

I love you.


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