Long Time Coming…

Anyone who reads my blog with any kind of regularity has noticed that I haven’t posted anything at all in quite a while. I could give you a list of reasons; ranging from my workload at university (which is rather intense), my research and continued work on my first book (which is rather awesome), and my flat out exhaustion from living full throttle for the last 3 years in another country (which is both rather intense and awesome).

My blogs have come with less frequency mostly because I have been deep in the work my blogs have always addressed, namely the training and development of making an impact in the World.

For the record, I always hated the way statements like that sounded.

People who were committed to making a difference in the world usually got on my nerves. They seemed smug, self-righteous, and obsessed with wearing oval glasses. They lacked humor, and often became a real drag to be around.

Such people never inspired much in me, except perhaps rebellion. I threw myself into entertainment and rock n roll ambitions not only to lash out at the pansy-assed intellectual snobbery that infected every block of New York City, but also as a personal reaction to my own cynicism. I held in my heart a deep resentment towards the idea that making a difference in the world was even possible.

I’m not sure why it bothered me so much. I just remember that in those years my life was fueled by a certainty that nothing was ever going to make much difference in our world and therefore we may as well have all of the fun we can until we go up in smoke.  So every do-gooder, save the whales, save the trees, save your soul asshole I met usually met my harsh mouth.


You get a lot of license to be a prick when you play in rock n roll bands.

That all changed for me in time. I can’t say why it changed, and I certainly didn’t want it to. I just grew and saw new things. I’m not always thrilled with the man I was in my 20’s. You could say Life called me out on a mountain of my own bullshit, and I’m a better person for it.

In fact this journey that I have been on for a few years has had me so engrossed in making a difference that I haven’t played a single show in 4 years.  That has never happened and it ends now. Tomorrow night, Blitch & The Bad Americans make our debut right here in Rome in a grand venue called Sinister Noise. If you are anywhere in the Lazio region, (which only a few hundred of my readers are) you are invited to come down and go insane for a night.

I’ve made several promises to blog on a daily or weekly basis and I have failed to keep my word.  I really don’t know what to say about that.

I enjoy writing these, and people enjoy reading them.  None of the excuses I have for failing to write add up to much when the end result is a dead website. So I will keep that in mind while I bust my ass in grad school.

Let’s get crazy tomorrow night, Saturday Nov 7th here in Rome and show Italy how to rock n roll.

And if you manage to save either some whales or my soul in the process I’ll buy you a drink.



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