You Want Everything For Free…

Interesting use of rhetoric.

The problem isn’t what I want. The problem is that people can no longer tell the difference between hyperbole, rhetorical devices, sound logic, off the cuff comments, and excellent arguments. They also confuse a well spoken argument with proving a case.

I have listened to people (usually angry conservatives) yell for many years about how people want everything for free.

“I work hard for what I have, I make an ok living busting my ass and you want everything handed to you.”

I have no doubt that there are lazy freeloaders in this world and I have no interest in defending them. I do find it curious however that in all of the rage my conservative friends & family like to express you never hear words like, “You assholes feel like you need to make an obscene profit on everything. You want everything to get you richer, no matter who it hurts, no matter what the consequences.”

I’m not an economist, have no education in poli-sci, and wouldn’t know the first thing about running a country. Except this – as a citizen of the United States I have an ownership share in one of the largest corporations on Earth.

I don’t want everything for free. I want a good deal for my money. Americans all too often have no idea how price gouged they are on everything from education to water. We spend too much on cell phone plans, military, healthy food, rent, and a dozen other things.

I was raised by a small business owner, who was raised by a small business owner. In fact my father worked for a large global company and ran his company (we don’t take a lot of days off in my family).

I’ve been working since I was 10. I never got an allowance, and for most of my life I held 2-3 jobs at the same time. Don’t tell me that I want everything for free. I want a great deal.

If corporations have taught me one thing it is that there are more ways of handling affairs than the the simple cash & carry of the common man. Corporations get TONS of things for free, and they make billions in the process. They get more than a great deal. They get damn near everything. And I wouldn’t mind except damn near everything isn’t enough. They are committed to hoarding wealth and power while destroying the very population that hands them their money.

Want proof? Look it up. I’m not writing a thesis. Plenty have already been written and if any of this is news – shame on you.

My point is this.

I want a better return for my taxes than what I have been getting for most of my life. That’s it. I want a better return on my investments than what I have been getting as well. I don’t care what you think of one political candidate or another. Only one has been constantly speaking about this issue, and by now you know who that is.

We have been worshipping wealth in America for so long it astounds me. We enjoy paying people to be rich and I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t like that job. We help them get elected, sell records, and as long as they make us laugh a little, cry when needed, or ‘Wow!’ us now and again they can have it all. We’d rather hate on the oppressed than vehemently insist on justice from the oppressors.

We don’t insist on a system that works. We just insist on a good sales pitch, and someone to despise.

I’m not turning this around today.

This isn’t going to get wrapped up nicely so you can close your computer and feel inspired. I’d rather you feel a little sick for a moment.

Our world is a fucking mess and the Muslims didn’t do it. The gays didn’t do it. The atheists didn’t do it.

You did.

I did.

We all have our hands dirty on this one.

Stop listening to clever marketing and talk to people who disagree with you. And don’t stop until you get good at it. Keep talking until you can learn how to disagree like an adult with a brain, even when what they say drives you crazy. Learn to love people you can’t stand, sift for gold in the muck they insist is worth saying.

If you are already good at this, find someone to teach it to.

You’ve already been inspired, you’ve had a few pints of feel good and now we all need a shot of shut the fuck up.

Including me. Right now.










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